State sponsored religion
For making North Carolina’s coast look more like New Jersey’s
Heck, guns everywhere!
Guns in bars
Guns in parks
Guns in schools
Lame attempts to counter the success of the Moral Monday protests (Thankful Tuesdays, really?)
Arresting Moral Monday protestors
Attacking women’s rights
Repealing the “Racial Justice Act” so race can be used as a basis for the death penalty
Baseballs (so McCrory can play catch instead of meeting with protestors)
“Arizona-style” immigration laws
Banning federal regulations on guns
Cramming kids into classrooms like cattle
Turning down Medicaid and denying 500,000 North Carolinians health care
Firing Teacher Assistants
Stealing Asheville’s water
Voter I.D. Laws
Ending same-day registration
Shortening early voting
Taxing students who vote in North Carolina
Outlawed scientific evidence supporting a rise in the sea level (for real, y’all)
Ranking 48th in Education Funding, Behind Mississippi!
Banning Sharia Law, because, well, derp
Attempts to create a state currency
Denying 500,000 people access to quality health care
Kicking 70,000 people off unemployment insurance
Losing our top 10 business climate ranking
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